Making is not a thing of the past. Indeed, we as human beings have an inherent need to craft things with our hands. For some people, that means that we have a need to create things out of wood.

We feel that there are plenty of others out there just like us. People who want to learn to become fine woodworkers, people who are looking for the space and tools they need to get started, and those who are not even sure where to start, but just know that they have a need that they must fulfill.

So, we came up with The Workshop. 

It isn't a wholly novel concept, similar operations have sprung up around the country, catering to the need to create and build that so many of us are seeking. Some are focused on metal, some on Maker Bots, some on cars or motorcycles. For us, we are initially focused on making things with wood.

What makes our concept so likely to succeed is the critical mass that we have here in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We have thousands of woodworkers, and we have a vibrant arts and maker community - but we have no community woodshop.

So, we have decided to come together to create this new local business. 

Each of us have different skills that we can bring to bear to ensure the success of our venture. We have business experience, and understand what is necessary for the success of a fledgling venture such as ours. We have many decades of woodworking experience amongst us. We also all have a commitment to giving people the opportunity to make things.

The concept is pretty simple: It is like a gym membership for woodworking.

We will have a membership based woodworking shop. People can pay a monthly membership fee to access the shop, sign up for classes to enhance their skills, and purchase basic shop consumables like high-end lumber, finishes, fasteners, sandpaper, etc...

Who We Are

Tim Eggers

Tim Eggers - With 18 years as a woodworker, Tim brings a lot of skill and experience to the 'table' (indeed, he makes fine unique tables). He has made a name for himself locally as a high-end maker of furniture and clocks. His works are functional art, using quality wood and a mix of traditional hand tools and modern machinery to craft unique and beautiful objects.

Tim is also one of the founders of the Fredericksburg Area Woodworker's Guild - an informal monthly gathering of 80 or so local and regional woodworkers looking to supplement their skills and meet other woodworkers.

Tim also brings his skills and knowledge in business as an insurance sales and service agent. His connections within both the local community and insurance business will be very helpful in ensuring the success of our venture.

David KeeneDavid M. Keene - David has been woodworking intently for only a few years, but is very much immersed in the craft - also making unique live-edge items with both traditional hand tools and modern machinery. David has always considered himself a maker and creator. He loves to tinker: electronics, cars, computers, tools - and now wood. He is also a fine artist in oils, mostly of western themes and sporting dogs.

David brings his skill in technology and marketing to the table, as well as his passion for woodworking and business.

Bill Scheff - Bill has been making things with wood his entire life, and spent many years passing along the skills necessary to safely make things in a workshop to his middle-school students. Bill also has a passion for the finest quality lumber, and culls through vast amounts of domestic and exotic lumber to find only the very best.

Bill's knowledge and experience in instruction and lumber are incredibly valuable assets, and Bill will be making use of those skills by running The Workshop's lumber department and continuing to pass along his highly specialized skills as a fine woodworker.

Rance Rupp - Rance has been making things with power tools his entire life. His father influenced him from an early age, and since that time he has developed into a seasoned woodworker - and has spent more than 7 years passing his skills along to other woodworkers as a professional woodworking instructor. He has developed and honed courses to reinforce safety, and develop key woodworking skills for his students. The courses that he has taught and created are designed to ensure that his students develop their skills and knowledge while producing interesting and unique projects - and introducing them to interesting ideas and technology (such as Computer Aided Design for woodworkers, and CNC).

Rance is also one of the founders of The Fredericksburg Area Woodworker's Guild - and often gives presentations on specific skill mastery and tips for improving Guild Members' skill-set. His skills and experience as an instructor are important to ensuring that The Workshop will be able to offer a comprehensive syllabus of woodworking courses.

Our Business

The Workshop is a Membership-Based woodworking facility that offers:

  • Classes and Instruction
  • Member’s Only Workshop
  • Premium Exotic & Domestic Lumber
  • Personal Studio/Storage Space


Classes and Instruction

By combining literally decades of hands-on and instructional experience, we offer courses specifically designed to teach and reinforce vital woodworking knowledge. Some courses are project specific, which after completion - you'll have a completed woodworking project that you can take home with you. Some courses are more skills focused, and designed around introducing and enhancing specific woodworking skills - like joinery, or router tricks, etc… We also offer 1-on-1 instruction with our experienced and professional staff to Members of The Workshop..

  • You don’t have to be a member of The Workshop to sign up for our courses, though Members do enjoy discounts.
  • We offer courses for people of all skill levels.
  • Signup and pay for courses or instruction online.


Member’s Only Workshop

The Workshop provides the highest-quality woodworking machines and equipment for use by Members in a Member’s Only Workshop environment.  To equip, house, staff, and maintain a fully outfitted woodworking shop is an expensive proposition. Much like a gym, we have purchased, house, staff, and maintain the shop for Members’ use for a monthly fee.

Check out Membership levels and benefits Here


Premium Exotic and Domestic Lumber

To ensure that members, students, and local woodworkers have access to the finest quality exotic and domestic hardwood lumber, we decided to make it part of our offering. We have the best selection of exotic hardwoods in the region, and an extensive stock of highly figured domestic hardwood slabs and boards.

View Our Lumber Here


Personal Studio/Storage Spaces

We also offer small studio and storage spaces for rent - and not just for woodworkers. If you have a hobby or craft that you practice, and need the space to do it in, please contact us to see if dedicated space in our factory/warehouse is a good fit. Members will also be able to rent storage space for their own personal tools, wood and projects.