Board Footage Calculator


Lumber Calculator

ere is a board foot calculator for figring your lumber requirements. Enter your desired thickness, width, length, and quantity, and click 'Compute'.
Required Inputs
Thickness (in quarter inches): inches
Width (Ex: 8 1/4 or 8.25): inches
Length: inches
Quantity of Boards x
Total: Bd-Ft
Cumulative Total: Bd-Ft
  1. Hardwood lumber is typically sold by the 'board foot', a unit of volume equivalent to 144 cubic inches.

  2. Lumber thickness is expressed in quarters of an inch, beginning with 1 inch, so that 1 inch lumber is designated as 4/4, 1-1/2 inch lumber is 6/4, 2 inch lumber is 8/4, and so on. These units refer to nominal or roughsawn dimensions, not surfaced dimensions.

  3. This program rounds lumber thickness up to the next 1/4" and lumber less than 4/4 is rounded up to 4/4. Thus, a specified thickness of 3/4" will be treated as 4/4" material.

  4. You can enter fractional wood dimensions as decimals (12.75), or as conventional fractions (12 3/4). If you use fractions, just make sure you leave a space between any leading whole number and the fraction.