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By combining literally decades of hands-on and instructional experience, we offer courses specifically designed to teach and reinforce vital woodworking knowledge. Some courses are project specific, which after completion - you'll have a completed woodworking project that you can take home with you. Some courses are more skills focused, and designed around introducing and enhancing specific woodworking skills - like joinery, or router tricks, etc… We also offer 1-on-1 instruction with our experienced and professional staff to Members of The Workshop.

Some of the courses that will be offered:
  • Introduction to Woodworking
  • Intermediate Woodworking
  • Basic Joinery
  • Advanced Joinery
  • Chair Making
  • Introduction to the Lathe
  • Pen Turning
  • Bowl/Vessel Turning
  • Antique Hand Tool Restoration & Use
  • Dovetail Joinery
  • Restoring and Preserving Antique Finishes